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Dear Customer,

This company profile will give you an overview who we are and how we can support you. We are not a friend of abstract marketing messages – as you probably are too. Therefore we keep it short what you should know about us:

What is asia4winners?
asia4winners is not a company. asia4winners is an attitude.

Copy us please. We have become already successful in Asia. And we are now sharing our experience with you by offering our “asia4winners clone-marketing”, “asia4winners clone-factory”, and “asia4winners 360° service”.

Who is the team?
The core team consists of 20 permanent people located in Germany and in the Philippines.
asia4winners is applied by a friendly team of competent co-workers who search every day the best solutions to become more successful in Southeast-Asia. This is not a slogan. We really do it. We think of us first. Once we have found a way to improve the business processes we share it with you.

Where is your benefit?
Benefit 1: We help you to find more clients in Southeast-Asia.
Benefit 2: We help you to create a factory in the Philippines.
Benefit 3: We help you to outsource parts of your business to the Philippines.

Why the Philippines?
The Philippines have been chosen as the hub for all business activities in Southeast-Asia for some reasons:
Reason 1: English is the business language.
Reason 2: More than 90% of the Philippines’ inhabitants are Christians – similar to the Western-European culture.
Reason 3: The American way of life has been adopted.

What do we expect from you?
We are only interested in clients who also want to become a winner in asia. asia4winners is made for you. People like you we are looking for. Clients who have understood that the approach to get into the market in Asia is not similar to the way they do business in Europe. However, don’t be afraid: We help you with our expertise since 2007.

What else?
The Philippine branch is run by a German management. Just use this advantage in Southeast-Asia. The approach will be easier.

We are convinced of a long lasting partnership with our clients. Doing business is not a sprint, doing business in Asia is a marathon.

Your asia4winners team

asia4winners by:
DR. KLIPPE Philippines Corp.
Bldg. 11C-1, Jose Abad Santos Avenue
Clark Freeport Zone, 2023

Service hotline: +63 45 499 0273
+49 6081 68 71 95

President and CEO: Dr. Andreas Klippe