6 Ridiculous Practices of Filipino Pedestrians that Causes Traffic!

Posted by Jill de Guzman | October 22nd, 2016

“Time is Gold” but not when you’re on the road!
Why? Because most of our valuable time are being wasted when we’re on the road because of the never-ending traffic in the Philippines.

On my previous blog I have tackled the Top 4 Driving Habits That Contribute to the Chaotic Traffic in the Philippines. Now, let me dwell on with the other contributors of traffic not only in Metro Manila but all over the country.

Some studies says that one main reason of traffic in the Philippines are the large numbers of car on the road. But come to think of this, comparing the number of cars to the number of commuters in the country,

I can say that the number of commuters will totally outnumbered the quantity of vehicles.