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Top 4 Driving Habits That Contribute to the Chaotic Traffic in the Philippines.

Jill de Guzman no responses August 19, 2016

Ever wonder why Philippines has always been on top when it comes to World’s most traffic country?

EDSA is the biggest parking place in the world.

Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) is almost 24 km long. 6 lanes on every side full of cars, vans, busses, jeepneys, and motorcycles.

There is really more fun in the Philippines. And the funniest is on EDSA. This 24 kilometer road is indeed a parking place. Turtles are often faster than the vehicles.

Traffic in the Philippines is one of the vast problems that the Philippines has been dwelling with for a long period of time.

But the question is, can this worsening traffic situation be blamed to the existing traffic system, or are the drivers themselves responsible for this chaos?

Philippines’ traffic situation has been the top challenge for the drivers and commuters in the country, most especially in Metro Manila. You have to a lot at least 3 or more hours for you to arrive on your destination on time.

A supposed to be 30 minute journey becomes a 3-5 hours waiting game along the road.

This is the reality of traffic in the country.

If we will try to figure out what are the reasons or causes of this massive problem, we always here some pinpointing to the government. The sad reality is, a lot of drivers in the country are irresponsible. It was shameful that we always blame the government, the laws, the system, and the enforcers, but in reality we are the cause, we are the violators.

Let us identify the types of drivers that make a huge impact with the traffic.

Let us know the many reasons why many of them are considered irresponsible.

1: Impatient drivers

(Photo from: thehimalayantimes.com)

There are some drivers in the country who are very much hot on the road that they feel they are the only one who were on the rush. This leads them to doing ungnecessary move that causes heavy traffic.

Do you know this? You want to be faster. And why can’t you be faster? Because of this stupid driver next to you. This “neighbor” is tailgating, interchanging lanes, not following road signs, violating traffic light rules, and mid lane hugging.

Impatience does not bring you faster to your point of arrival.

And this stupid driver is responsible for your late arrival! At least you are a good driver. You would never do these things, right?

2: Drivers who are using gadgets while on the road

(Photo from: www.haikudeck.com)

Because of the unstoppable rise of our technology, people are now technology slaves.

Even while they driving they cannot afford to let go of their gadgets.

Some are answering phone calls of their chatmate while driving who just wants to say hi.

Some drivers have 4 eyes and two brains.

It is really curios. Every person has only two eyes and one brain. But some people are gifted: They have duplicated parts of their body. I really like to know how they are doing things simultaneously.

Some are texting or chatting their friends just to schedule their hangouts.

And a lot are now engaged to driving related mobile applications such as waze and google maps.

3: Drivers are doing unnecessary things while driving

(Photo from: ubertopic.com)

I know it’s good to do multi-tasking. But in everything there’s an exemption.

Even while driving we can still accommodate some more activities such as eating your favorite chips or pizza.

And of course drink our favorite espresso shot.

Drinking and eating makes more fun while driving.

Yes you might satisfy your tummy.

But how about the welfare of the your co-motorist who are in a hurry?

4: Drivers who love to violate rules

(Photo from:www.manilatimes.net)

There are some drivers who are fond of defying traffic rules and laws.

Some drivers are unloading and loading on prohibited areas.

But what is really worst is the the driving cars out even on the coding schedules.

And some others are parking their cars on areas with No Parking signages.

5: The traffic problem is the fault of the Government

Are you guilty of the things I mentioned?

Are you one of these types of drivers?
Even if you don’t like my next sentence, I have to tell it: The government only makes and implements laws

It is still up to us, its citizens, to follow the rules and solve this unceasing traffic chaos.

Hard stuff isn’t it? But is it our own fault that we wait 4 hours in a traffic jam on EDSA?

Of course not, the government also needs to revamp its transport systems.

Without a new modern Public Transport System the traffic situation will never change.

That is for sure. But you and me we can at least contribute a little bit and help to minimize the chaotic situation.

These 4 types of drivers are worth it to be called “irresponsible driver.”

I know you want no hassle and so everyone else. But what you see as nothing but normal driving habit on your part really contributes to the heavy traffic.

Changing the traffic system takes time, better start within yourself.

Are you one of these drivers?

I think of course not. But you can be a responsible citizen and share this blog, start spreading awareness to those who correspond to driver Type 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Happy driving and less stress.

Jill de Guzman

Jill is a Broadcast and Media Correspondent and Specialist under Klipp.TV. A music maven and has a huge admiration to all art forms.. loves speaking to a huge crowd and has a passion for writing and reading blogs, news and the likes. Jill de Guzman

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